What are your butterflies made out of?

A: Our butterflies are made out of durable polyester resin. You may notice a faint smell coming from your butterflies when you receive them. Leave them out in the open for a few hours and it should dissipate. 

Are your butterflies really handmade?

A: Yes! Every single butterfly is lovingly made by hand.

Can your butterflies come in patterns other than solid color, steampunk, and pride flags?

A: Yes! They can be in any color or pattern imaginable. Please email me about the design you would like before ordering so that I can make you a custom listing. My email is pandarapolaris@gmail.com.

My butterfly broke! What can I do?

A: My butterflies are extremely durable, but in the unlikely instance that one of them breaks, please email me a picture of the broken butterfly and I will send you a new one free of charge.